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Newborn in the family of foreigners (visa country) in Russia - visa and other legal residence.

The company employs a foreign employee for a work visa, he is accompanied by a spouse, and a child is born in the family - a foreign citizen - on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The child is issued a certificate of birth registry office, with this certificate must apply to the Embassy / Consulate of his country of permanent residence, register the birth of a foreign citizen and get a passport to a newborn child.

Further, it is necessary to place it on the basis of the documents of the parent-foreign worker-on migration registration on the basis of the birth certificate and passport, by applying to the Territorial Department of the UVM of the GU MVD of Russia at the place of registration for the Parent's migration record, for the term of the Parent's visa. Those. In fact the child is in the territory of Russia on the basis of a passport, a birth certificate and a tear-off part of the notice of arrival at the place of stay.

To leave the Russian Federation in the country of permanent residence of the parents, it will still be necessary to issue visas - an exit transit visa - the basis for the receipt of which will be travel tickets to the country of permanent residence.

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