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When applying for an invitation to enter the Russian Federation, you indicated that you received a visa at the Russian Embassy in France, 1 month after the invitation was received. Your plans have changed and you will be issued a visa in another country to avoid problems and refusal obtain a visa, check in advance at the Russian Embassy, whether they will accept the documents.



The company planning to attract foreign Highly Qualified Specialists (VCS) on the territory of Russia - before inviting the HQS, the Territorial Department UVM of the Ministry of Internal Affairs checks the address of the Inviting Company to make sure that it is at the address specified in the documents.



From the beginning of August 2017, the UVM of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region does not accept documents for issuing invitations for work and work visas to foreign workers if the validity of the passport expires earlier than 1.5 years from the date of the visa.



The company employs a foreign employee for a work visa, he is accompanied by a spouse, and a child is born in the family - a foreign citizen - on the territory of the Russian Federation.



We draw the attention of Clients and their foreign employees and business partners - to clarify in advance on the website of the Russian embassies the countries in which it is planned to obtain work visas and business visas, tariffs and timelines for proper planning of their time.



When a foreign citizen or stateless person applies to a Russian consulate abroad, they must have the following documents for their visas


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